Behind The Scenes

Tax Season

March 30, 2017

What differentiates the Wooding Group from other Advisory Teams? Well, a lot of things – but a very important one is our care and attention to customized tax packages for every single client.

Accountants are extremely busy at this time of year… March and April being especially hectic. For the Wooding Team we start preparing tax packages January 1st to ensure that our valued clients and their CPAs have everything they need to complete their taxes.

Countless clients and their CPAs have given feedback that our personal tax packages make tax time less confusing, and far more organized. One of the primary questions people have at this time of year is “Do I have all the tax slips and information I need to file?” At the Wooding Group, we prepare customized check lists so that our clients know exactly what to expect and when to expect it; coupled with Realized gain and loss reports, U.S. persons reporting, Foreign holdings for their T1135, and other personalized reports specific to each client’s unique situation.

We communicate regularly with our client’s Accountants to ensure that a cohesive team based approach to each client’s finances is part of our all-inclusive service offering.

None of this would be possible without our highly experienced team. Each team member is able to assist any client and work together to ensure each tax season is more successful than the past one. In the first weeks of May, we get together and ask a simple question “What can we do better next year?”. The commitment to excellence is part of our team culture and tax season illuminates that every year.

We may be biased but we strongly believe that we have the best team out there, and we are very thankful to each and every one of them for their dedication: Dan, T.J., Tasha, and Helan. We wanted to highlight their hard work, dedication and commitment.

This tax season we had a new member join the fold! Helan Ismail – she fits right in and we are excited for you all to meet her.

So if in the coming 6 weeks you need any additional assistance – please give us a call!

TWG Team Tax hotline for our valued clients (780) 498-5054