Fuel Idea Creation

13 Simple Ways

April 20, 2017

Write your ideas down. Keep an Idea Book. Try to think of five new ones a day. The more ideas that bubble up during brainstorming sessions, the more likely you are to find “the one”.

fuel idea creation
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1. Read! Consume information – new ideas and information come from a variety of sources. Put the pieces together.

2. Put your creative hat on. Think about how ideas interact with one another.

3. Fail. Unsuccessful ideas are simply stepping stones along the way. Sometimes you have to fail a lot to succeed. Keep on trying.

4. Be curious! Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open – wide open!

5. Look for problems and try to solve them. Spin a new twist on an old idea.

6. Surround yourself with positive thinkers.

7. Accept constructive criticism. Take all naysayers with a grain of salt.

8. Do your market research, canvass successful business people and make sure there’s potential for making money from your idea. Or perhaps it’s a great nonprofit idea?

9. Take a popular service and systemize it into an efficient process.

10. Be enthusiastic – enthusiasm is often where big ideas come from – it’s the lifeblood of the creative process.

11. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate great ideas.

12. Do something with your ideas! A great idea needs a chance to grow. With the right execution you can grow a unique idea into a great business!

Wishing you a successful journey filled with many productive thoughts!

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