Improving on the Proven

Team Update, Client Acquisition & the Power of Social Media

January 11, 2017

The Wooding Group, as our clients know, have always been tireless innovators. From financial planning and portfolio management, to estate and trust strategy, insurance and more, our approach is based on a simple three-part proposition:

To listen first and seek to understand. To provide thoughtful, objective and independent advice. To marshal our collective analytical skills in a process driven manner, manage risk and optimize gains, while helping achieve our client’s goals for income, growth and tax minimization.

As our practice has expanded, we have used our website as an online platform to publish regular blogs covering a wide range of financial, investment, wealth management and other issues. We plan to broaden the subjects we cover in our new social media strategy to include coverage of community, cultural and local issues. And we will follow and discuss provincial economic initiatives perhaps more comprehensively as we have in the past.

These electronic bulletins are designed to educate, inform and stimulate our clients – and to keep them up-to-date about the ways in which we are expanding and refining our financial and wealth management skills and building our practice.

Expanding our bench strength

Peter MacPhie (MBA) joined The Wooding Group as Investment Advisor in August 2015. Formerly a Regional Director at a global asset management firm that consults for some of the largest pension funds and Institutions in the world, including multinational corporations, major brands and large charitable. Pete will bring his friendly approach and additional analytical expertise to our already very capable team.

Maximizing our new client acquisition program

Working with Tom, Debra and alongside Lindsay, one of Pete’s goals is to facilitate the engagement of new client relationships. Pete is an expert in the use of technology rich tools and strategies that will enable both our existing – and prospective – clients reach their wealth building objectives.

Deploying the power of social media

At The Wooding Group, we believe in the principle of engaged investor decision-making. As circumstances and personal preferences dictate, we encourage advisor and advised to work collaboratively to achieve agreed goals. In tandem with other digital experts, Pete will also play a key role in expanding our use of social media to create a powerful online bridge to all our clients.

This is an exciting time for The Wooding Group as we enter 2017. On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for being part of it.

The Wooding Group