Wait Until Next Year

The Week Ahead

February 26, 2018

The week ahead’s Canadian federal budget will be delivered with the usual pomp and circumstance, but the timing, both electoral and cyclical, suggests that financial market participants won’t be burning the midnight oil on Tuesday night. For content that will impact investors, both positively or negatively, this is likely to be relatively thin reading.

The Finance Minister has already ruled out an effort to respond directly to the challenge posed by US corporate tax cuts, asking for time to complete a careful analysis of their Canadian consequences. We’d like to at least see a line committing the government to such an analysis, perhaps also throwing in regulatory issues that impact competitiveness across the border.

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Best of Edmonton: Leisure in YEG

Winter Activities

February 22, 2018

With Family Day just behind us, it’s a short work week here in Edmonton. We hope you had a great long weekend with your loved ones! Coming back into the office, we know many of you are feeling one of two things: relaxed from having an extra day off, or extra busy diving into the work week on a Tuesday. We hope it’s the former!

Here at The Wooding Group, we often share blog posts about the markets, financial planning, philanthropy, community events and other topics of interest to our clients. Our team is dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources as widely as we can, but sometimes, it’s good to focus on something different. Our team understands the value of leisure, self-care and spending quality time with the people who mean the most to you. In that spirit, this week’s blog post is dedicated to some of our favourite seasonal leisure activities here in Edmonton.

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