March Break Movie Madness

Some of Our Favourites

March 29, 2018

It’s March Break! (Well for some of us) So take some time to cuddle up with your loved ones and watch a few of our favourite family movies, because as you can see in Edmonton- Winter is not done with us yet.


The Princess Bride
Great overall story with a memorable cast & great dialogue.


The Goonies
An epic adventure movie with great 80’s hair & style.

Toy Story
Take your March Break “To infinity & beyond”


Home Alone
A classic family movie. One of the best

The Karate Kid Part II
A prequel of sorts to the original. It focuses on Mr. Miyagi’s back story


My family loved it! We all laughed together and cried together. It brought back a lot of memories of family members who have passed. The movie reminds you that no one who leaves is ever truly gone.


The brilliance of Robin Williams with a heartwarming message about the many forms a family can take. Some have single mums, some single dads, some no parents at all. But just because they don’t adhere to the traditional ideas, doesn’t mean they’re not a family.  It’s a timeless movie that keeps teaching adults and children about love and acceptance.

Avatar is a wonderful movie choice for spring break. Its message that all beings are connected and that we must protect the environment from further damage was inspiring.


Star Wars (Old & New)
Always a good choice. My kids love them and we do too! Our favourite is a New Hope.


Hocus Pocus
I know this is a Halloween movie- but if I stick to that rule I can only watch it once a year. That is not going to happen.

It features David Bowie and a place called the “Bog of Eternal Stench”. How can you go wrong?


Old Disney Movies
Our kids love the old Jungle Book & Aristocats!  It’s amazing how well they were done and that they are still relevant today.