Microgreens Are Big Business

How Taste, Trends and Nutrition Came Together for This Entrepreneur

February 7, 2017

We are always meeting with Entrepreneurs to talk about their growing business & on a recent trip to Ontario; I had the opportunity to visit a friend that owns and operates Greenhouses in southern Ontario. Their specialty is certified organic, microgreens and vegetables, delivering tasty, nutritious food to families through a variety of distribution centres including Whole Foods & Longo’s.

I met Mike Curry in 2015 when we participated in the Trans Alp mountain bike race spanning 700Kms from Germany to Italy. At the time, Mike, a Private Equity Manager, specialized in eco-friendly investments and was driven to start a company that produced micro-greens. An Entrepreneur by training and farmer at heart, Mike saw the demand for locally sourced, fully organic healthy food.

Microgreens, mini legumes harvested 10-14 days after seeding, are packed with nutritional value and bursting with flavour. They have gotten very popular of late, given a recent boost of publicity from Oprah.

“2 ounces of micro-broccoli has the same nutritional value of 2 full heads of traditional broccoli” – Ian Adamson -Founder Greenbelt MicroGreens

During my tour I learned about how they are environmentally considerate from beginning to end. They harvest rainwater (the plants thrive with it), use recycled sawdust to heat the facility and use ladybugs to control pests.

Lettuce is moved around the facility on large tables, a system developed by the Dutch. The greenhouse allows for 100% of sunlight to pass through and is resistant to hail.

Their secret…the soil. Here, they are adding ingredients that will help the greens flourish.

I got to take the lettuce home which I promptly used as a salad. The option was to keep it in the pot and see it grow for another 30 days.

“The lettuce you buy at the store has little flavour and is a vehicle to consume dressing” Mike Curry – Greenbelt Microgreens

Want to get your hands on some Greenbelt Microgreens? For those of us in Edmonton, we will have to wait. Calgary may have them sooner as expansion plans include licensing their proprietary growing method to locations in Quebec and B.C.

Learn more about them here: https://greenbeltmicrogreens.ca/