Peter MacPhie Joins The Wooding Group

August 14, 2015

Let me tell you how excited I am to be joining the Wooding Group, an organization like CIBC, and such a wonderful group of clients.

I’ve had the privilege of working with this team since 2007 and right away I could feel that something was different about them. The feel, the sophistication, and more importantly the energy and warmth was like I had never encountered before. The level of due diligence Tom, Debra and Lindsay performed on behalf of their clients was second to none; their questions were both thoughtful and often quite unique. Each time I met with the team I knew I had to be more prepared and organized than any of my other meetings. As I grew to understand their wealth advisory practice in greater depth over the years, it was a group that I knew valued many of the same beliefs that I held.

While I always knew the feel was different, it remained very professional until it became personal. I was formally welcomed into the family last year when Lindsay and I were married. The Wooding Group is now a multi-generational spousal wealth advisory practice in Alberta, which cements our value as a family-centric business. Thinking like a family with deep seated integrity, character, and a sense of honour is at the core of all we do. It’s a basic philosophy that fosters win-win decisions. Win for our clients, our group and our team. With that framework embedded in our DNA, decisions become easy!

Personally, I have been seeking greater purpose in my career. I have spent 9 great years at a globally recognized firm that specializes in Multi Asset Solutions and Manager Due Diligence. As the Regional Director for Alberta, my time there has been emotionally and intellectually exciting as it’s hard to be around a group of amazing individual contributors and not walk away better having had that experience. But, as I sought more fulfillment, I undertook and completed an MBA from the University of Alberta. That experience, coupled with a growing family (now at 2 boys, 1 dog, 1 cat) prepared me for the next challenge in my career as a team member and Investment Advisor with the Wooding Group.

Now, I look forward to meeting our clients, understanding their unique values and learning more!

Best Regards,
Peter MacPhie, MBA
Investment Advisor, The Wooding Group
CIBC Wood Gundy