Podcasts: What We Are Listening To

Some of Our Favourites

February 15, 2018

Podcasts are awesome! They seem to magically shorten a work commute, make housework more bearable and enrich our minds with every listen. It was difficult for some of us to choose just one or two, but we managed to do it. Here are some of our favourites. Please feel free to share your own- we are always excited to lend an ear to a new one!


The Current
Covers political analysis & issues that affect Canadians


I didn’t even know my phone had Podcast capability


The Bill Simmons Podcast
It always has the latest sports news and a bunch of pop culture references. It makes driving home in winter traffic less frustrating


TED Talks
They keep me aware of what’s going on around us and have a lot of interesting topics

The Daily
The best way to keep informed about news and politics


How I Built This with Guy Raz
Covers a wide range of innovators & entrepreneurs in their prospective fields and their impact

Learn to speak Spanish and all about the Spanish culture


Capital Allocators
It discusses what I do every day here and profiles the leaders in this field

A wide range of speakers and topics- They just covered one on what makes a successful CEO, which was very interesting


Serial is such a captivating Podcast and the story develops from week to week- it always keeps me engaged

The Rich Roll Podcast
Covers a lot of health and well-being topics with guest experts that bring a ton of knowledge to the table. You will question everything you eat


The Daily
A blend of U.S. politics and  global stories of interest that are important, but maybe not as noteworthy as other news sources. Great format.

Ask a Cycling Coach by TrainerRoad
All things cycling, training and racing bikes!  TrainerRoad is an online virtual cycling coach and during the podcast they answer questions from their online athletes.  Very well researched.