School’s Out for Summer

How to Keep Kids Occupied During their Vacation

July 12, 2018

Remember summer vacation? When you cleaned out your locker, took one final look at your classroom and ran out of the building like it was on fire. With so much technology available to kids nowadays, it can be a challenge to push them outside on warm summer days to enjoy the fresh air. Here are some ideas to keep them entertained.

Teach a New Skill

Teach your kids to do something that will serve them in the years to come. Show them how to cook pancakes, throw a football or do a cartwheel ( if you can still do one yourself). Developing a new skill gives children a chance to continually learn throughout the summer and gain confidence along the way. It also gets them geared up for serving you breakfast in bed or becoming a professional football player or gymnast. It’s a win-win!

Take Advantage of Camps

Hobby-based camps are a great way to help kids stay busy while also encouraging them to socialize with other kids. It’s a chance for them to interact with different people and explore different activities. With so many options for summer camps, every child can find something that captures their interest. Whether it’s an art camp, sport camp or outdoor camp, it’s one of the easiest distractions from the iPad. Unless you send them to social media camp, then iPads for everyone!

Challenge Them

Kids are energetic, inquisitive and eager to please. A reading club at a local library is one way to help them build their reading capability and accomplish something during the summer months. Alternatively, you can set up a simple obstacle course in the yard with hula hoops and traffic cones and watch as they run away that seemingly endless energy. After they have mastered the course, you can also time them and encourage them to beat their best time. Whistling and drill sergeant yelling is optional.

Road Trip

Nothing says summer like packing up the car and going for a drive. It doesn’t need to be far to be entertaining. Even a quick cruise around the neighbourhood, with the obligatory stop for ice cream, makes for a fun time to reconnect. You also get a chance to introduce your kids to the music of your day. They will surely cringe when you initially blast the Backstreet Boys (Or Beach Boys depending on your era) but with a quick hit of the child safety locks button they will eventually accept there is no escape and give in to the smooth voices and catchy lyrics.

Whatever way you choose to entertain your kids, we hope that you also take time to enjoy it yourself. Just because you are all grown-up, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time too. Kids are only young once, so cherish every moment! We wish you all a fun and safe summer.