The Next Phase

Linda Lovatt

May 26, 2016

Some people come into our lives and they leave an indelible imprint.

Linda, Harlow & her ‘work husband’ TJ

Linda Lovatt did just that over 25 years ago when as the Branch Administrator I hired her in the capacity of Executive Assistant to the Branch Manager of our predecessor firm.

She was an incredible burst of positive can-do attitude, and it shone from her every day. Linda quickly established herself as the Den Mother of many in our Edmonton Branch and in fact has been a surrogate mother to me over these past twenty years since my own dear Mom’s passing. From time to time Linda even babysat our brood of kids (the rat pack!)

After “retiring” no less than 3-4 times (I lost count a long time ago) Linda came back to the Wooding Group as our Executive Assistant three years ago after telling me during her wealth review that retirement was boring! I quickly called Lindsay after the review and she replied “leave it with me” …  Linda was hired the next day.

Linda & The Wooding Group Team
L to R: Lindsay, Pete, Deb, Dan, Linda, TJ, Tasha, Tom (missing: Barbara Gu)

This lady has been nothing short of wonderful over this period; scheduling your wealth reviews and helping out within our team where ever needed each day! She loved our clients and told me that she was so happy that we “let her work with us” – I replied “we didn’t let you work with us; you earned this role and are enormously valuable because you really care.” Not just words. It was something beyond caring actually; from popping out in the evenings on her own time to deliver documents, pick up flowers for the meeting room, organizing events and of course the food! From cut up veggies, cookies, cakes, squares, to many other treats that we came to love (PS: we’ll lose a bit of weight given Linda’s retirement!)

The time has finally come for Linda and her husband Don to start their next phase (Don has been patiently waiting!). Linda’s last day with the Wooding Group was this past Wednesday and we’ll miss her dearly. She and Don are in the process of selling their home and moving to Calgary to be closer to their daughter Patti, her husband and grandson Matthew. I think the little guy is pretty excited that his Nanny will be much closer very soon.

We know you also share our warm wishes to Linda for a happy, healthy and adventurous next phase.

Debra & The Wooding Group