Wedding Etiquette

Being the Best Guest You Can Be

July 5, 2018

The sun is shining, birds are singing and love is in the air. Yes, it’s wedding season. If you aren’t getting married yourself, you may be watching other people getting married. Whether you are the one who sobs during the vows or the one who dances with a tie on their head, being a good wedding guest carries some responsibilities. Here are some tips on being the perfect attendee.

Be Positive

Was your steak overdone? Were the flowers wilted at your table? Did the bride have lipstick on her teeth? Who cares! The fact is, when it comes to a wedding, you should be all smiles and compliments. The happy couple may have spent months, even years, planning their wedding and with so many variables it’s impossible to execute a “perfect day.” So try your best to chew that charred meat and tell the bride how beautiful she looks.

Dress Appropriately

No white. No off-white. No ivory. No veils. No tiaras. Nothing to distract from the bride. Also, if they specify what they want their guests to wear on the invitation, try your best to abide by it. Do not show up in an Oilers jersey and jeans to a formal black-tie affair. Unless it’s Connor McDavid’s wedding, then I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

Know Your Limits

Everybody has been guilty of overindulging at a wedding. Whether it’s drinking too much, eating too much, or talking too much, it’s always a good idea to stay within reasonable limits when you are a guest. After all, it’s a wedding, not a college frat party. The best way to show you are having a good time is to be engaged and lively. Dance, chat, enjoy the food, catch the bouquet and make others feel festive and relaxed. It’s the greatest gift to the married couple. Speaking of gifts…

Give Wisely

If the couple has a registry, it’s easy to give them something you know they will love. Straying from the registry because you just know they will adore a margarita machine puts them in a very awkward position. Maybe they already own one. Or maybe they both had too many one summer evening and now cannot even tolerate the smell of margaritas. Either way, keep in mind that the gift is for the receiver not the giver. If they don’t have a registry, feel free to get them something you know they need. Perhaps they mentioned that a monogrammed cheese board would make them ecstatic. If you can’t think of anything specific, it never hurts to give cash. Money helps to recoup any costs they incurred from throwing the wedding, or goes towards making their honeymoon extra special.

Mind Your Manners

Being on time, courteous and gracious to your hosts is a sure fire way to show your appreciation. When you receive an RSVP, reply as soon as you can to ensure the couple can begin planning. Find something in the décor, the dress or the food to compliment. Be warm and inviting to other guests and enjoy your time with the happy couple. After all, it is a time to celebrate!